Long Overdue

I've [obviously] taken just about the whole summer off from blogging, other than working on a new blog with a revised format and premise.  I'll update here when there's an update to . . . ummm . . . date!!
Lovely sentence.

My Flickr page has some recents, if you're in the mood for them! Hope all is well -



Stolen Angel

Somebody left this little guy next to their dumpster.

Sure, he's broken and a bit dirty and kind of cheesy . . . 

But who isn't?


365 Days of Coffee [photo walk]

Others may have called this excursion a trip to the grocery store, but I'll take the extra hour and liberty to call it a photo walk.

Oh, and I'm doing that thing that "they" [oooh, the infamous "they"] always say not to do - mixing editing & photo styles.

My brain is full of disconnects lately, so why not my posts?

Let's start with the creepiest bus-stop bench ever:

Move to the coolest bike I've seen in awhile . . . light pink, says SUN and has an [unpictured] basket:

Golf course color-love:

Espresso was all about texture today:

Move on to sunshine . . .

Happy Sunday . . .