Mirror Rescue

This mirror began humbly - a fixture in my last rented house, along with two or three others, hanging on by dear masking and duct tape, Command Strips and a singular nail on the bottom right.  They all came to me this way, swaying perilously on the insides of closet doors, unloved and underutilized.

I'm like an adoption agency for mirrors - old, cheap, beat-up, featureless mirrors.  I've yet to stumble upon the glorious antiques others  seem to find (images via this DesignSponge Sneak Peek from Emma Reddington, and the incomparable Barb at Knack Studios ) and instead gather the ones that hardly seem worth the effort to carry.

Old landlords have never complained over the loss, for obvious reasons.

Anyway, one rescue (no before pic) is already gracing an oddly shaped hallway between our master bedroom and my bathroom, after being painstakingly scraped free of 3 zillion layers of improperly-applied paint and then, ahem, painted.  Here he is, reflecting our tiny collection of espresso cups and CKP's burlap coffee sack:

See?  Opens the space, gives me a nice long area to strut around in and see how my flip flops look before heading out for the day.  Placement is far superior to an inside-door.  Back to Windex up there . . . after a half hour or so of cleaning off caked dust, what looked like some old white spray paint and bug guts, he got a dose of my new favorite antiquing agent (black shoe polish), a 180 degree flip and placement above my soon-to-be New Desk area (ahhh, Alexander.  How you taunt me!):

YAY!  From this angle, he reflects my photography on the wall (which should all be bigger), my fantastic, found frond, and will hopefully tie in the gray that's going with the yellow & white of the bedroom.  It's also set higher than one might expect, so I can't, like, see myself lying in bed and also to leave room for post-it notes, mood boards above my desk.  Another bonus is that it's directly opposite the room's only window, effectively doubling the light and eventually the yellow chevron curtains that should be arriving tomorrow (!).

Overall point being - if you have empty wall space, lack of space, a dark space or want to reflect a beautiful space, a mirror is your friend.

Second point being - if you don't agree with me, feel free to send your rejects my way:)


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