365 Days of Coffee [photo walk]

Others may have called this excursion a trip to the grocery store, but I'll take the extra hour and liberty to call it a photo walk.

Oh, and I'm doing that thing that "they" [oooh, the infamous "they"] always say not to do - mixing editing & photo styles.

My brain is full of disconnects lately, so why not my posts?

Let's start with the creepiest bus-stop bench ever:

Move to the coolest bike I've seen in awhile . . . light pink, says SUN and has an [unpictured] basket:

Golf course color-love:

Espresso was all about texture today:

Move on to sunshine . . .

Happy Sunday . . .


Tanya from Dans le Townhouse said...

Love these snippets of your day! That bike is super cool. Now, did you take these photos WITH bags of groceries in hand? That will make me insanely impressed ;)

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